GCE Ocean Technology

GCE Ocean Technology

Norway has one of the most competent subsea technology communities in the world. In 2017 UTF and GCE Ocean Technology signed a long-term collaboration agreement to further develop the Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) in Bergen, and we are proud to announce that GCE Ocean Technology are co-hosting the UTC together with UTF.
About GCE Ocean Technology

Collaboration is key to solving the challenges and opportunities in our oceans. GCE Ocean Technology is an innovative ecosystem of industry, research environments, entrepreneurs, investors and governmental players. Among other things, we initiate joint projects, programmes, local and global meeting places and help with public funding and EU financing for our partners and members.

The cluster develops and supplies innovative ocean technology within a wide range of applications, including:
  • Subsea oil and gas production
  • Marine renewable energy production
  • Marine food production
  • Exploration of marine mineral resources

GCE Ocean Technology is supported by: Innovation Norway, Siva and the Research Council of Norway.

Find out more at http://www.gceocean.no/